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Cyber Security for System 800xA (E163)

ABB Automation GmbH
Dauer: 4 Tage
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3.471 EUR
3.471 EUR
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Cyber Security for System 800xA (E163)

System 800xA - Checking and Troubleshooting PROFIBUS NetworksCyber Security for System 800xA


Teilnehmer lernen verschiedene Ansätze hinsichtlich Cyber Security für eine sorgfältige Planung und Umsetzung von Sicherheitsmaßnahmen kennen. Es wird ein Verständnis für Cyber Security Mechanismen und Lösungen in Prozessleitsystemen vermittelt und das 800xA-Sicherheitsmodell tiefgründig beleuchtet.

Customers increasingly develop cyber security awareness for control systems and demand security solutions from ABB. Students learn different approaches to cyber security for a careful planning and implementation of security measures. They get an understanding of cyber security mechanisms and solutions for control systems and explore in depth the System 800xA security model. As a result of this workshop the student will be prepared to address control system security solutions.

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Learning objectives

After the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Be a good speaking partner for customer IT people
  • Describe the security goals, change management and the standard guidelines (like IEC/ISO 27000 and ISA 99)
  • Describe attack mechanisms, the vulnerability exploit cycle and intrusion detection
  • Be able to use various IT tools to test a systems robustness to identify possible vulnerabilities and more important test the mitigating measures
  • Configure group policies in an Active Directory, harden the Microsoft operating system and harden networking equipment (like switches)
  • Create backup/restore- and rebuild procedures
  • Describe basic and advanced network architectures including security zoning, VLAN techniques and secure communication
  • Describe how security updates are applied to System 800xA
  • Install and configure a McAfee ePO server
  • Create secure interconnection between networks using firewalls
  • Install and configure a Microsoft WSUS server


Participant profile

Expert Workshop for system administrators, project lead engineers and service & support engineers.

Prerequisites and recommendations

Students should have attended either the Basic Configuration course T314 or the Engineering course T315 or have knowledge and experience associated with the content of these courses. In addition, they should have basic knowledge about networking (switches, routers) and Microsoft operating systems.

All courses required are offered at ABB training centers or locally at your plant site. The Learning Paths illustrate the sequence that the courses should be taken to learn how to perform general, operation, maintenance, or engineering functions on specific ABB products or systems. Please visit ABB webpage for more information.

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3.471 EUR inkl. MwSt.

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ABB Automation GmbH

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Bewertungen von Teilnehmern

Angelika B.   |   06.11.2015
The time split between practical and theory was great. Also the testing on real systems.
Piotr W.   |   06.11.2015
I liked the penetration test, port scan and the exercises.
Bartek W.   |   06.11.2015
The presentation on how easy someone can intrude your system was very impressive.