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Bewertungen über Cambiana GmbH

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T. S., Project Leader & Business Architect, iteratec GmbH
The Cambiana leadership program was very inspiring with lots of different ways of learning and practicing the interesting content. I appreciate the peer coaching sessions with the other participants of the training and the really interesting articles and videos. Altogether it was a great training, and I learned a lot of new and valuable things o...
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J.J., Assistant, Intertops
Cambiana training was one of the best learning experiences I have had. They have provided us with appropriate Leadership knowledge, which helps to identify the need of the agents and us as Leaders. For me, the training provided surrounds practical ways of finding solutions. The Webinars are very interactive and expand our knowledge and the pr...
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C.B., Manager Supervisor, Intertops
The Coaches and Presenters are well experienced and trained in their field. They are also very patient and always take the time to explore questions and provide a response. They make these courses very simple and easy to follow. They are the best!
K.M., Manager, Intertops
I started a Journey not knowing what to expect and I have come to the end leaving nourished with insightful knowledge about leadership and understanding me much better. The program was not just a brush over the top approach, it was holistic and therapeutic. A big Thank you to my company for the selecting Cambiana and look forward to receiving c...
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E. S., Supervisor, Intertops
Trainers/Coaches ensured to break down the information in such a way that even a 6-year-old would understand. The experience was simply amazing.
E.L., Senior Manager, Intertops
This training was a reminder of the importance of being a leader vs a boss. It also, brought awareness to the different personality types and how important it is to avoid putting everyone in the same box. This learning experience was very beneficial to my role. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions, it gave me an opportunity as a leader to ask ...
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K.L., Senior Manager, Intertops
In the beginning I was very open minded but a bit reserved. This Cambiana course was really an eye opener and throughout has developed me in such a way that I am eager to learn more..
J.J., Assistant, Intertops
Overall, the learning platform environment in Cambiana is very friendly and the best thing about this we are able to express ourselves truthfully.
S.C., Manager Supervisor, Intertops
I did enjoy the individual sessions, break-out discussions and overall team input during all sessions..
J.J., Assistant, Intertops
I must say that I am very happy with the training and would recommend Cambiana to others..
N. H., Head Of Support & Customer Experience Operations, ITSP Services GmbH
Your digital learning concept, content, structure, set up and flexibility, not only wowed us as a group of very diverse leaders, but it helped us to create a bond like no other... the humility gained as a team is priceless. Thank you Cambiana! :).
L. J., Supervisor, Intertops
It was my first experience with a completely virtual training, and it was pleasantly surprising. Our coaches still managed to make the sessions fully interactive and though-provoking. It was a very positive experience overall and the things I've learnt have been greatly impactful :)
K.R., Manager, Intertops
I feel like Cambiana assisted me in determining my weaknesses and working on them but it also created an outlet for me. A place to be able to vent and see the similarities in other leaders in what they face on an everyday basis..
K. F., Senior Manager, Intertops
Carlos and Myriam have done an exceptional job organizing and executing these sessions. I have learned a lot about others but more surprisingly, myself. Qualities that I possess were explained/revealed in such a way that it all made sense why I respond to certain situations in the way that I do. They have helped me to identify so much with mysel...
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B. K., Support Coordinator, Intertops
I am have done training and coaching in an office and remote setting and appreciate the standards delivered by the entire Cambiana team.
Das Cambiana Leadership Programm war sehr interessant gestaltet, mit vielen verschiedenen Möglichkeiten interessante Inhalte zu lernen und zu wiederholen. Besonders gut fand ich die Peer-Coach-Sitzungen mit anderen Teilnehmern des Trainings und die wirklich interessanten Artikel und Videos. Alles in allem war es ein tolles Training und ich habe ...
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Insgesamt hat mir das Programm sehr gut gefallen und ich habe meine Ziele erreicht :) Getrennte Lese- und Schreibaufgaben, Übersicht über alle Todos für den nächsten Präsenzworkshop. Face-to-Face-Workshops: Erhöhen Sie interaktive Teile und Diskussionen mit mehr Breakout-Sessions. Wenn Sie alles aus der Ferne machen, wird dies einfacher sein.



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