CAS: Transnational Healthcare Management

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CAS: Transnational Healthcare Management

CAS: Transnational Healthcare Management

Increasingly, health care organizations have to align their activities with the provision of health care that is organized on a cross-border basis and is no longer confined to national boundaries. Healthcare professionals are just as mobile across borders as the providers of hospital, pharmaceutical and med-tech products. The same can be expected today of health and accident insurers and, ultimately, patients. In addition, in Europe, EU regulations are forcing member states as well as third countries to be aware of, and cope with, transnational system requirement.

Healthcare organizations can only keep pace with the transnationalization of healthcare if they align their activities accordingly. To do so, they need participants who are skilled in adapting to the structural conditions, financing systems, leadership requirements and care needs in other countries. This courseTransnational Healthcare Managementqualifies leaders in healthcare organizations for this.

The focus of the course is on the integration of knowledge and skills. Participants will supplement the theoretical foundations taught in the course by exchanging ideas with experts in the field and within the participant group, and implement knowledge gained in their own supervised projects.

In order to allow maximum direct exchange and practical applicability, the course will be delivered by universities in four participating European countries, with face-to-face and online teaching. Participants will come from a range of different countries. The course is run by the University of Bern (CH), in cooperation with the University of Bayreuth (G), the University of Edge Hill University (GB) and the School of Public Health Rennes (F).

This unique programme is sponsored by the Interfaculty Center for Healthcare Law and Management of the University of Bern, which is jointly run by the Law School, the School of Economics and Social Sciences and the Medical School of the University of Bern, as a part of its continuing education programme Management in Healthcare, which has been educating health care professionals successfully for over 30 years.

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Inhalte / Module

  • Module 1: Rising awareness of Structural Healthcare Contexts (Health Law & Policy)
  • Module 2: Financing & Cost-Effectiveness in Healthcare (Health Economics)
  • Module 3: Leadership & Management in the Healthcare Organisations
  • Module 4: How to integrate Management and Public Health (Public Health)
  • Module 5: Project work

Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

Target group

The continuing education programme is aimed at managers and specialists in the health care sector and other health care related organizations. However, the course is also aimed at anybody with management experience in the fields of education, administration and business (pharmacy, medical technology, health insurance companies, etc.) related to the healthcare sector.


Requirements for admission are a university degree and several years of professional experience in the health care sector (broadly defined, including pharmacology and allied health professions) as well as some management experience in organisations of health care.

Exceptions regarding the admission requirements may be approved by the Board of Directors "sur dossier". In the case of persons without a university degree or without professional experience in the healthcare sector, it may ask for further evidence of comparable professional expertise in order to ensure that applicants can successfully complete the course of study. The course language is English. Applicants need to have good oral and written skills in the English language.

Abschlussqualifikation / Zertifikat

The course concludes with the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Transnational Healthcare Management MiG from the University of Bern.

In each module, students have to write an assessed module paper. In addition to the four module papers, a project paper is written, with the option of integrating the module papers into the project paper.

If no proof of performance is provided, a certificate of attendance will be issued. Attendance of at least 85 % of the attendance events is required for the acquisition of the degree.


Study fees: € 9.990 incl. course material, lunch and break catering; excl. accommodation and travel expenses

Due to the pandemic situation and the associated official requirements, we would like to point out that, as a last resort, individual modules or parts of them may be carried out digitally or postponed.

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