Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA)

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Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA)

The Blue MBAThe Blue MBA

- The only part-time Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics in the world

The mission of this unique MBA is to give high potential executives in shipping industry an up-to-date insight into modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector.

The Executive MBA Program in Shipping and Logistics aims at fulfilling the needs of the entire maritime sector in terms of relevant top management education based on maritimerelated practice.

Who should attend the MBA in Shipping and Logistics?

The program is ideal for managers within the shipping community, but equally relevant for those who deal with shipping either as customer or supplier.

Participants come from many countries and represent shipowners, ship operators, logistics providers, financial institutions, insurance companies, shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises, brokers, maritime law firms, transport consultants, classification societies, maritime administrations, ports, and ship equipment producers.

A MBA with a holistic view of shipping

The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics programme adopts a holistic view of shipping, integrating technological aspects as well as maritime law and supply-chain management, through which graduates will develop a complete understanding of the many challenges in this exciting sector.

Who will benefit from taking an Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics from CBS?

This degree programme is designed to help participants to meet their personal and complement their professional expectations by providing an industry-specific content, which helps bolster the participants professional path to achieve more, at the same time offering the necessary flexibility required by these busy professionals.

Content of the Blue MBA:The Blue MBA

  • The program aims at giving participants an up-to-date and penetrating insight into shipping economics and modern management theories, and their application in the maritime sector.
  • The program adopts a holistic view of shipping, integrating commercial, technological and financial aspects as well as maritime law, supply chain management, and leadership challenges. In this way, program graduates develop a
    complete understanding of the multi-faceted challenges in the sector.
  • Taking students to a top international level in business administration, the program reflects the needs of the industry in a world where globalization, enhanced competition, and the speed of technological change place everincreasing demands on executive management skills.
  • Four governing themes are evident throughout the program: leadership challenges; globalization of the economy; implications of information and communication technology development; and the need to respond to intense changes in logistics requirements.
  • A final Integrating Strategy Project serves two purposes: for the candidate, the aim is to integrate all topics covered in the program by using real world data on a problem related to the candidate’s own company. For the candidate’s
    company, the benefit is a thorough-going analysis of a strategic issue, with solutions and implementation plans proposed.
  • This is a modular program – with each module lasting one week – supported by a virtual platform, where assignments and group discussions enhance the learning process.

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Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics

Understanding the industry

Module 1 aims at giving the students a basic understanding of the shipping industry. Focus will be on the role of shipping in the global economy and introduction to shipping economics.

Understanding the global environment

Modules 2 and 3 aim at giving the students a background for understanding how the world economy is working. This will include the drivers for globalization, trade patterns, supply chain management and the logistical implications of this development.

Focus on maritime issues

Modules 4 and 5 are devoted to industry specific issues, reflecting the holistic view of the program; they cover maritime law, ship design, and technical operational management, including the important aspect of information and communication technology development.

Core management issues

Modules 6, 7 and 8 will focus on central topics of business management, dealing with investment analysis, finance and risk management, organizational theory and company strategy.

The integrating strategy project

The last part of the program is the writing of the thesis, in a three-step process, where each step is concluded by an oral presentation, and the final presentation serves as the oral defence of the ISP thesis. The aim is to demonstrate the student’s ability to analyze a practical problem in detail, drawing upon all the knowledge gained from the program.
An introduction to each of the three steps will be given during the last module.

“The Blue MBA has a ‘buzz’ which I really enjoy. It is a great program for bright young managers who have made shipping their business and want the professional tools to succeed

Personal leadership and development

Throughout the program, personal leadership and development will be integrated with the core content, with the aim of developing personal skills required in leadership roles. The content will include coaching techniques, communication and presentation skills, negotiation skills and conflict resolution. Participants will explore their own leadership style with the use of Profiles International CheckPoint 360°™.

The process will offer opportunities for developing individual leadership skills, managing team dynamics and meeting the challenges of major organizational changes. This will be done via theoretical input, simulations, practical activities, peer feedback and personal coaching


Quality assurance

To ensure life-long quality and global recognition of your MBA, it is important to consider accreditations. CBS is the only AACSB accredited school in Denmark and among the one percent of business schools in the world to hold the sought-after triple-accreditation: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

Through this international and broad recognition of the quality of the school and the CBS Full-time MBA programme, students can be certain that they are getting the best business education. In addition, the programme is also accredited by ACE and PIMS in Denmark.



About 85% of the participants in the Executive MBA Shipping and Logistics Program are sponsored by their employers.
The tuition fee for the program is 280,000 DKK (Danish Kroner) or about 37,000 Euro. to be paid in four instalments of 70,000 DKK at the beginning of each semester.

The fee includes all reading material, refreshments and lunches.
It does not include travel and accommodation costs.

Non-EU participants must pay an additional administration fee.

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