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Basics of Successful Leadership

Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG
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Basics of Successful Leadership

Moving to a leadership position requires you to alter your leadership identity in order to be successful in your new role. In this new position, you will face different responsibilities and tasks. This means developing new behaviours so you can face challenges and succeed in your new responsible position. You will learn in this seminar how to deal with the various expectations whilst still being a reliable and motivating leader, even within an international workforce.

Aspects of the new professional role
Gaining acceptance in your new role
Adapting sensibly to the new job
Requirements and tasks of a leader
Knowing about leadership styles
Adjusting your leadership style for an international role
Leadership skills: delegating, target setting, performance evaluation and feedback
Being prepared - reflecting on your new role
What kind of leader and manager will I be?
What are my strengths and where are there areas for development?
How can I transfer my learned strengths to my new international role?
Toolbox for leadership
Working with senior members of a team
The leader-employee relationship, trust and control
Leader or friend, colleague or boss?
Successful delegation of specific tasks
Giving and receiving feedback
Impact on a team's performance
Building up high-performance teams
Motivational factors for teams
Fostering the relationship with colleagues and superiors
Taking cultural diversity in your team into account
What management support is needed for each team member
Getting through the ”rookie period”
Avoiding the most common mistakes in the first 100 days

Your benefit
This well-stocked toolbox for leaders will help you to

- prepare for your new responsibilities as a leader
- develop your own approach to your leadership role
- be confident even in difficult situations
- moderate and lead effective communication
- set and achieve motivating targets for yourself and your team.
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Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

This seminar is for junior managers, team leaders and project managers who are more about to move into a leadership role or have recently been promoted to a new position in international business.


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€ 1.654,10 inkl. MwSt.

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