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Dauer: 30 Monate
Preis: 35.000 EUR MwSt. befreit 30.000 EUR MwSt. befreit
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Teilzeit
Beginn: März 2018 - München

Executive MBA

Executive MBA

Executive MBA

Relationships – Reputation – Relevance

Would you like to study in a way that fits your experience and respects your job and reality?

With an average age of 35, our Executive MBA students study for their MBAs at a time in their lives when they find themselves in highly demanding positions, not only professionally, but also personally with demands of family and friends. We at Henley understand that it is at times difficult to juggle all of this. That‘s why the Henley Flexible Executive MBA is designed to respect this situation: We offer the support that allows you to continue your professional development and your social life while earning a top MBA degree.

  • Job-related assignments as main means of learning – real learning
  • Limited time away – flexibility for you
  • Strong support by Henley – Delivering on time

Do you aim at earning a truly international MBA that is recognised and respected globally?

Studying at Henley Business School is an international undertaking. Founded in 1945 in Henley-on-Thames near London to reconstruct the British economy after World War II, Henley has founded subsidiaries in South Africa, Malaysia, Finland and Germany. As a student, you benefit from Henley‘s global approach in many ways:

  • International exposure and interaction – workshops abroad
  • International recognition – triple crown accreditation
  • International rankings – consistently among the Top 50 in the world

Do you want to build relationships in a great global network of like-minded professionals?

As student your studies with the Henley Flexible Executive MBA in Munich enable you to build relationships in a great network of professionals from various backgrounds and a wide selection of industries and specialisations. These professionals are linked by the desire to learn more about management and leadership for today‘s world and aim at learning as much from one another as from Henley‘s leading faculty.

Beginning with day one, you will become a member of Henley‘s global alumni network. In Germany alone, you already have access to more than 1.800 alumni who earned their MBAs between 1989 and today. Add the more than 66.000 alumni worldwide and you have a lifelong global network of experienced managers and leaders to contribute to and benefit from.

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Inhalte / Module

The Henley Flexible Executive MBA lasts 30 months and is divided into three stages:

  • Stage One (10 months) lays the foundation for the programme by making students aware how a business as it exists operates and how the different parts of an organisation work together.
  • Stage Two (10 months) looks at that challenges managers face when steering an organisation’s future.
  • Stage Three (10 months) looks at the factors that make the difference between an organisation being quite or very successful in the future.

Throughout the three stages, you have parallel streams that accompany you:

Personal Development: starts with discovering yourself, your values, needs, preferences; based on these, you developyour own path for your professional and personal development as human being.

Research skills: an academic programme offers you access to a wealth of scientific resources and you will yourself contribute to research by the Management Research Challenge. This stream introduces you to the foundations of research and supports you in developing your own research project.

Reflective development: today, mastering challenges by rational thinking no longer suffices. Sustainable solutions require addressing the emotional part in us. This stream allows you to discover the full potential in you and the people you are working with.

Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen


Executive MBA


To apply for the Henley Flexible Executive MBA, you are required to provide

  • The completed Application Form
  • Two references from your supervisor and/or other people who know you in a professional capacity
  • A certified copy of your first degree
  • A proof of English; please send an information request via the button below to contact Henley Business School Germany staff for details on the available options.


MBA by Henley Business School in the UK - 90 ECTS




Tuition fee: 35.000 € in three instalments

Early Bird tuition: 30.000€, upon acceptance of Henley’s written offer and payment of down payment up to 6 months before the start of the program. Please request information to contact Henley Business School Germany, and to learn more!

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