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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Management Centre Europe
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Management Centre Europe


Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Increase awareness about your feelings, your emotions and the way you interact with others. Learn how to use that information to improve your communication carry out professional interactions empathically and consciously, and impact the achievement of your business goals.Ignite commitment and help your employees reach their greatest potential!
Being a manager of a multicultural, multifunctional team with different personality types and levels of experience can be very challenging in our complex business environment. How do you manage and control your own emotions and your interactions with others in a more “mindful”, more positive way to motivate and retain your best talent? How do you build self-awareness and self-control to ensure everyone act and react towards common goals and objectives?Why does emotional intelligence (EI) matter? Because at the core of every outstanding leader are the abilities toconnect, achieve, inspire and act with resilience. Now you can learn to apply the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader and give yourself a winning edge. EI helps you create and sustain unique opportunities and more impactful relationships.This Program uses an integrated competency approach to help you develop this crucial skill. You’ll get hands-on opportunities to practice and apply methods for consistently using EI as a leader. Attend this Program and learn how to influence and motivate your organization’s workforce to new heights of achievement.

Inhalte / Module

Program Highlights:
  • Integrating EI and leadership competencies
  • Applying emotionally intelligent speaking and listening skills to leadership
  • Identifying the role of EI in 21st-century leaders
  • Achieving emotionally intelligent personal influence
  • Assessing your personal credibility quotient to authentically influence others
  • Applying empathy as a powerful influencing strategy when coaching
  • Creating an emotionally intelligent inspiration plan
  • Encouraging emotionally intelligent collaboration practices
  • Managing change and resistance with EI
  • Identifying communication skills leaders can use to move past colleagues’ resistance
  • Attaining healthy conflict with EI
  • Identifying emotionally intelligent leadership communication strategies
  • Using emotionally intelligent mindfulness practices when team members experience stress
  • Synthesizing emotionally intelligent competencies to address complex leadership challenges and opportunities
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Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

Mid-Level managers and leaders with 5 or more years’ experience who need to create a healthy, productive workplace and organizational culture by enhancing their overall effectiveness through EI.

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Management Centre Europe

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Management Centre Europe

Management Centre Europe

Management Centre Europe (MCE)

Management Centre Europe (MCE) is the Leading International Management Development provider in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Every year, MCE facilitates training programmes for over 1,000 public and private organisations, supporting the development of more than 10,000 managers and leaders...

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