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Analytical and Critical Thinking

Mannheim Business School gGmbH
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Analytical and Critical Thinking


Analytical and Critical Thinking


The ubiquity of information and large amounts of data nowadays requires the increased ability to analyze and interpret them in a reflective and critical manner. Moreover, any form of data collection, for example the use of machine learning algorithms, is inherently dependent on the impartiality of the data scientist.
This course is designed to sensitize the participants to how cognitive biases - independent of the intentions of the data scientist - can impair critical thinking when dealing with data. The course draws on the psychology of critical thinking and explains the most common forms of cognitive biases. The course shows the implications for the collection, analysis and interpretation of data by analyzing a variety of examples from everyday management, the media or scientific publications. Finally, the course explains which "debiasing" techniques have proven to be effective in improving the quality of thinking and decision-making and how effective and undistorted reasoning can be used when dealing with data.

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Inhalte / Module

The aim of the course is to provide participants with essential thought-provoking impulses for a critical and re-sponsible approach to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to

  • to reflect critically on their own analytical thinking and data handling
  • to be able to assess external information and analyses with regard to their credibility and quality
  • communicate more effectively in their own argumentation and presentation of results

To this end, the course provides the most important concepts and tools regarding formal (why is something wrong and how to recognize it) and psychological aspects of critical thinking (why do we tend to draw wrong conclusions and how to avoid them):

  • Fundamentals of the psychology of critical thinking
  • Overview of the most common cognitive biases in data analytics
  • Sensitivity for statistical pitfalls in data analysis and the responsible handling of big data and machine learning algorithms
  • Overview of proven strategies to neutralize or minimize the negative effects of cognitive bias
  • Tools to improve your own argumentation and presentation of results

Aufbau & Organisation

This course is part of Management Analytics Certificate. It can be booked individually or as a module.

Optional tutorials included:

  • Data Science With R
  • Data Science With Python

Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

If you would like to know more about the target group/requirements, please send an information request.


Single Module Price

  • This 2-day course is € 1600 + Booking Fee + 16% VAT
  • (€ 1000 + Booking Fee + 5% VAT for current participants and MBS alumni)

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