Legacy Code practical courses

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Legacy Code practical courses


Legacy Code practical courses

Legacy Code – understand and use it effectively!

Legacy codes unfortunately have a bad reputation. We show you the most effective way to work with this old code base. Take advantage of this opportunity and gain a competitive advantage.

Question for you and your team:

  • Do you need to understand a complex code base without a test suite, which creates challenges for you on a daily basis?
  • Do you dare not change existing code because of side effects that may affect other modules, causing errors?
  • Do you want to be able to work with your existing legacy code and learn the best strategies and techniques?

Then we have designed just the right training course for you!

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Inhalte / Module

Coding Academy seminars focused on legacy code are ideal for developers with a basic knowledge of any of the Python, C#, C++, or Java programming languages who are working with legacy code in an ongoing project. Or for anyone who is maintaining an existing project without a test suite or unit test. In the context of these courses, we shed light on legacy code, which is generally more difficult to test. After all, the reasons for this are usually hidden. Either there is no unit test for this code or the existing unit tests are not sufficient and do not cover all relevant cases. This makes some programmers think about reprogramming the whole project, but this is only necessary in very few cases. Because often the projects are very large, complex and the resulting software is already marketed. This makes it impossible to set up the code completely new and clean.

This is exactly where we come in with our Legacy Code Seminars. During the three days you write step by step specific tests for different parts of the workshop code. This secures the project and lets you change and adapt the code in peace and bring it into a much better state with clean code rules. Software you work on with these techniques gets better day by day as a result. The code quality increases. Changes and adjustments become easier. And you don't rewrite the original code, which guarantees smooth and safe operation of the application.

Of course, you write the tests and code under the guidance of proven subject matter experts and renowned trainers who lecture at the best universities in the country. This safeguards you and lets you understand the tricks of legacy code in a fun way. Also responsible for this good feeling is the pleasant environment in our modern training center in Munich, which is easily accessible by car or public transport. Once you are there, you can look forward to state-of-the-art computers - as well as delicious snacks and drinks waiting for you during your seminar.

The following is an example of a course on working with legacy code. As with all of our courses, you can, of course, tailor the topics and focus to the individual needs of your team.

We don't preach theory, we solve problems! Get the maximum knowledge for your team. Compile the topics according to your previous knowledge and needs, depending on the project. Because individual learning brings the desired success!

  • Working with Legacy Code Techniken
  • Introduction to Unit Test
  • Clean Code Basics
  • Refactoring patterns Basics
  • Working effectively as a team

Aufbau & Organisation

We offer different course formats: 3-day programs, 4-week intensive programs, and online training videos. Please do an information request in order to know more.

Abschlussqualifikation / Zertifikat

Of course, as a participant in a Working with Legacy course you will receive a certificate. The prerequisite for this is the complete participation in all course units and programming tasks and the successful programming of a small final project. However, after an intensive Working with Legacy course, this will certainly give you more pleasure than stress.


  • Price on request.
  • Course takes place with a minimum of 3 people.
  • Only bookable for corporate clients.

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