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Executive MBA

Executive MBA - The Master of Business Administration

A truly international education for business managers delivered jointly by

Coventry University Business School in England and
The International Business Academy (IBA) in Denmark.

Why should you take an MBA? What does it give you?

With the Executive MBA from the IBA and Coventry University you will:

  • Acquire added value and make yourself an asset for your company
  • Develop yourself personally and make the most of your capabilities
  • Get new and valuable information
  • Develop an analytical understanding of both the functional nature of business and the holistic nature of management
  • Be better able to operate internationally in an increasingly globalised world
  • Become an effective change agent in your organisation
  • Develop a range of skills and the ability to apply a variety of management tools and techniques

And you will also become a member of a growing network of MBA graduates from the IBA and Coventry University. A network that you may draw upon and gain from in the future. A network that you will be proud to be a member of.

Focus areas - Unique Characteristics for the IBA and Coventry MBA

The main focus areas of the MBA are Strategy and Management.
Unique Characteristics The IBA and Coventry MBA is unique in several ways. It offers:

  • Close contact between student and lecturer
  • High academic standards
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • International approach
  • Personal development
  • Recognition
  • True flexibility

Study Programme

The Executive MBA offers an international business degree, which prepares managers for various management positions in an increasingly globalized world. 

Focused on strategic issues and combining with other major functions in the company, the executive MBA gives the student an up-to-date holistic view of the company and it challenges.

  • Business Economics Dissertation
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • HRM
  • Issues in Strategic Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Managing in the Business Environment
  • Managing Projects
  • Marketing Management
  • Research Methods
  • Strategic Management
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Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

Target Group - The Coventry Executive MBA

The programme appeals to people who want to get management qualifications at a high and international level. People, who are already in management positions and who would like to further their careers.

The programme prepares students for employment in a wide range of managerial careers. It requires students to obtain a thorough understanding of managerial structures and analytical techniques to be able to take part in analysing and interpreting issues and cases. Such knowledge is essential for the development of the critical understanding of current business and financial issues, which is an important attribute for management in today’s globalised economy.“

Coventry Business School
Programme Rationale


Over the years, the IBA has received quite a few international accreditations, as you can see below:

The Open University in Britain – this was the first British accreditation that we received in 1994. We went through a long and detailed process, the result of which was that we were approved and confirmed as being at the same level as British Universities. From initial approval for the award of DipHE, the IBA started the top-up bachelor degree from 1998.

London South Bank University (LSBU) – the second accreditation we received came from this university, who had taken an interest in the IBA because of our knowledge and use of e-learning technology. The IBA’s e-learning concept was subsequently adopted by the University. This accreditation enabled the IBA to offer the Master of Science in International Business in cooperation with LSBU. More recently the Bachelor degree has also been transferred from the Open University to LSBU.

Coventry University – the third accreditation was awarded to the IBA in 2006 by Coventry University – a renowned institution with a track record of international studies. As a result, the Executive MBA degree, which has been running for several years at Coventry University, is now offered at the IBA by part-time study with a blended learning element aimed at addressing the needs and time constraints of the modern business manager.

Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) – the IBA has been a member of this worldwide business school network since 1995. This year, NIBS is introducing its own accreditation system. The IBA will the first member to undergo the accreditation process, which takes place in February. For more information on the NIBS-network see www.nibsnet.org.

MBA Testimonial

“The MBA provides me with "hands on practise" on the latest information on techniques and models used in a global environment. The intensive education drawing on international cases, challenges creativism and new ideas. Having cases from all European countries and USA provides knowledge to culture, legal differences and other aspects that needs taken into consideration, when working abroad.

All students work in large companies and all posses daily leadership challenges. This offers a perfect simulated working environment with a few critical colleagues, being my fellow students, who comment on the new methods and ideas based on their international knowledge. Learning is fun, when the outcome is obvious. I think MBA is fun.”

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Tuition fees amount to DKK 149,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies) and are broken down as follows:

Enrolment fee, including first semester: DKK 41,000
Second semester:                               DKK 27,000
Third semester:                                  DKK 27,000
Fourth semester:                                DKK 27,000
Fifth semester:                                   DKK 27,000
Total fees:                                         DKK 149,000

(Please note that fees do not include books and study tour to Coventry - app. DKK 15.000)

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